How to Find Your Local Library

Joining your local library is not only a great way to increase your access to books but also a way to keep up with the community. Of course, when you move to a new area you may be faced with the difficulty of finding your local library. There are a number of ways that you can go about finding your local library.
On the internet
Most people today have access to their internet either through an internet connection in their homes or on a mobile device. This makes finding your local library much easier than in the past. To find your local library you need to go to a search engine of your choice and enter your address and the words library. The search results will, most likely, provide you with a link to the closest library. If you do not receive any results or the results are not what you are looking for there are other online methods.
Search engines do not always provide the information you require. In these cases you should try looking at the local council website. Councils will generally have information about public buildings in the area and your local library is one of them. If the council website does not list libraries there are websites dedicated to listing libraries all over the world. The one problem with these websites is that they often do not list small local libraries.
The local paper
Does your area have a local paper? If there is a local paper you should be able to find your local library through there. Local papers will often run adverts for the local library or list any events which are taking place there. Many of these papers will also have an ‘in your area’ section which lists business and public services in the area which often includes the local library.
The community centre
Community centres are a well of knowledge in regards to local businesses and services. They will often have a notice board where event information is posted and you may be able to find your local library on there. If the notice board does not hold the information you seek then the staff at these centres will be able to help. Asking a staff member is possibly the best way of finding the local library and they can provide you with additional information if needed. If they do not know the exact location it is easier for them to find out then for the average person.
Business directory or telephone book
If all else fails there is always to phonebook. As the local library is a business it will be listed in these books. Not only will the phone number for the library be listed but the physical address as well. It is recommended that you contact the library before going to ensure that the address listed is still correct.
It is possible to find your local library through a number of ways. The internet is considered the fastest way but smaller libraries may not appear on search results.