How to Find Your Local Library


Despite lots and lots of local council and government cutbacks (yes, there have been lots of them lately) the majority of towns do still have a local library. Finding the library can be like finding an Aladdin’s Cave of books and information, libraries don’t just have books to be read on the premises or to be borrowed for a specific length of time, they also have a profusion of interesting local information. Local libraries are best place to head for when searching for historical facts about a town or area and the people who lived there. Many people head to a local library to search for information and records about their ancestors. Old newspaper files can also be found at many local libraries.

Finding the local library is usually a pretty easy affair. They are often sign posted around the town centre (most local libraries are well within walking distance of the town centre) they often inhabit interesting historical buildings, well, many local libraries have been libraries for not just a few years but for many generations. If there is no visible evidence of the local library then another alternative is to pop into the Tourist Information Bureau (many towns have one of those too, even the towns which are not renowned for their tourism) and they will be happy to give directions. Tourist Information Bureaus are generally well signposted for the simple reason that they are there to help the people who are unfamiliar with the local area.

Local newspapers are another source of information and should have details about not just the location of the local library but also of the opening hours and other information.  Telephone directories are another source of information and will not only give the address of the library itself but also a telephone number making it easy to give them a call to find out the opening hours.

Possibly the most popular method of searching for anything and everything these days is via the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how anybody ever managed to do anything without it – how did the world function before the Internet was born? A simple search for “local library” should come up with plenty of information either as part of the local council website or indeed the website of the library itself. There are also plenty of websites which will happily point you in the direction of the closest library to your location as soon as you’ve typed in the postcode or the name of the town in which you are searching.

Local libraries really are a treasure trove of information and activities. Many of them hold regular events like story times for young children and toddlers – a great opportunity for children to be introduced to the magical world of books – even if you are an avid bedtime story reader at home. Details of workshops and activities and adults can also be discovered from the local library, the central hub of information about the local area.